Mindfulness for Life – Makeda McKenzie – Tuesdays 9:00-11:15am (ET) – September 10 to October 29, 2024

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Savor life. Manage challenges. Find joy.

8 weeks with all-day retreat
LOCATION: Live Online via Zoom
TUESDAYS from 9:00-11:15am (EASTERN TIME) convert to my timezone
CLASSES: September 10 to October 29, 2024

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LOCATION: Live Online via Zoom
PROGRAM DATES: September 10, 17, 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29
PROGRAM TIME: 9:00am to 11:15am (EASTERN TIME) convert to my timezone
ALL-DAY SESSION: Sunday, October 20 from 9:00am to 2:00pm (EASTERN TIME)
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Mindfulness for Life offers life-changing practices and learning

Mindfulness for Life is an 8-week course that teaches us how to reclaim what nourishes us and supports savoring life and finding joy. We explore what depletes us and how to manage life’s challenges. The practices can cultivate lasting and sustainable change. 

Learn to Recognize Thoughts, Emotions, Sensations, and Impulses  

“Automatic” thinking and behaviors are a normal human experience. We can find ourselves thinking and acting habitually, especially when under stress. 

Learn to recognize your automatic pilot and how to work with unhelpful thinking such as mind wandering and rumination. See the recurring patterns of your ‘if only’ or ‘what if’ thoughts and how they prevent us from living life fully.

Bring Kindness, Compassion, and Curiosity

Mindfulness for Life practices help gather the scattered mind through awareness and kindness to ourselves. By practicing awareness to see our patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, we can begin to  cultivate curiosity and friendliness toward our experience and learn to keep our balance through life’s ups and downs. 

With these new skills and practices, we can be open to moments of joy, contentment, and gratitude and engage with what is most important to us with focus and clarity. We can learn to flourish.

This has been for me nourishing, enlightening, thought-provoking. It helps to make sense of my world. It has been an immensely profound experience, more deeply affecting and transforming. My appreciation of how to live in the present and how to live my life with a full richness of experience has only just begun. I cannot recommend this course highly enough – it is for anyone and everyone… I have learnt skills for life. I’m so glad I came.
Mindfulness for Life participant
More about the program
What happens during sessions?

Sessions follow a consistent curriculum and each session has a theme woven into discussions. We begin with a guided meditation practice and reflection on the experiences of the practice. We discuss the benefits and experiences of “home practice” during the week. We do other practices and cognitive exercises and reflect on what we are learning. Near the end of each session, we explain the “home practices” for the following week.

What “home practice” involves and why it matters

Home practice is like homework between sessions. Research shows that home practice reinforces classroom learning and deepens understanding of the ideas and practices. 

Teachers will provide recordings for the main practices and ask you to practice up to an hour each day. You may need to reorganize aspects of your life to fit this in. You can experiment with practicing at different times of the day, keeping an open mind as best you can. You may notice your experience changes day to day or week to week. The teachers are available to discuss any issues you are having with home practice or the program.

Resources for more information

Watch the video about Mindfulness for Life with co-creator Mark Williams: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQfKpPpOxBM

Mindfulness for Life is a development of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for the general public. To view selected publications, please view the following webpage: https://www.psych.ox.ac.uk/@@search?tab=publication&SearchableText=Mindfulness%20for%20Life

Past Participant Testimonials

For me this has been an emotional and personal journey. I had no real expectation of the course and am so amazed how enlightening it has been. The course structure has particularly helped the learning and understanding of mindfulness – building everything up each week. The most valuable aspects for me have been changing how I react to things and feeling as though I’m not alone when we shared comments in the group.
Mindfulness for Life participant
I came on this course wishing to further my understanding of mindfulness, becoming ‘better’ at longer practices and making mindfulness practice a more integral part of my life. What I gained was far deeper that than. It became a much more ‘embodied’ experience rather than an analytical one. I connected with aspects of myself that I hadn’t connected with before or for a long time. I felt the experience… It was also fantastically taught. Thank you.
Mindfulness for Life participant
I have heard words, had experiences, connected with my body and self in ways that have helped me to be kinder to myself and to others…What you offer is an exceptional gift and my hope is that many, many more people can be taught as well. Thank you.
Mindfulness for Life participant
Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to learn these invaluable life skills. There really aren’t words to describe what an incredible gift you have given me.
Mindfulness for Life participant
About the Instructor
Makeda McKenzie

Founder and principal consultant of the Caribbean Mindfulness Institute
Qualified MBSR Instructor
Teacher-Trainer for Mindfulness for Life, Mindfulness Teaching in the Workplace, and Introducing Mindfulness

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Join us to explore how mindfulness may support you in living life more fully, with greater ease and joy.

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