Flourishing through Mindfulness

Mindfulness and Health Institute

The Mindfulness and Health Institute (MHI) offers evidence-based, evidence-informed, and innovative programs and events to educate, inspire and support healthy living

We collaborate mindfulness organizations in presenting the programs and events including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Learn More

Purchasing a Program for Someone Else?
Giving a Mindfulness Program as a Gift?

If you need to purchase a program for someone else or would like to give the gift of a mindfulness program, you can purchase a “Mindfulness Card” to enable them to them sign up for a program.

Mindfulness and Health Institute

Our Programs

Through experiential learning, translational science, and innovative approaches our initiatives spark interest in well-being. We aim to provide programming accessible to all interested people and to innovate in the development of mindfulness programs. 

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Information Sessions

An Information Session or “Info Session” brings together program leaders, teachers and participants for presentations and conversations about our classes and your goals. Info Sessions are held several times a year and are a great place to learn about available classes. 

About Information Sessions

Info Sessions are open to all and are designed for people considering which class to take. Info sessions are great for people with general questions about mindfulness, too. 

If you are new to mindfulness, looking to understand the difference between classes, or just want to understand more about a particular class, an Info Session is for you. 

MHI offers Information Sessions where you can learn about Teacher Training and our evidence-based and evidence-informed programs.

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